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Dreams Do Come True!

In 1977, restaurants were not common. I was in a traveling business and I couldn't find anywhere to eat, so I decided that we needed somewhere for people to eat. So I asked my grandma for her old wood stove, cast iron stew pot, and fried skillets and I started cooking.

I had one customer that came by for my breakfast and I gave him a big bag of country ham biscuits, sausage biscuits, and tenderloin biscuits and sent him off to work at his construction site.  At lunch we had 27 people and now 31 years later we've never been open that we didn't have a larger group of customers. 

Grandma always told me, "Give them plenty to eat, season it well, and they will come."  So right she was!

Since those days we are now in a larger log facility.  We have added music in another building complimentary with your meal, and a couple of antique stores.  Thanks to loyal customers eating and advertising for us we've been able to serve you now for 31 years.  A dozen of our employees have been here with us all 31 years.

We pride ourselves on being friendly, caring, and always serving fresh food.  We don't even have a microwave or freezer.  It's all fresh food from grandma's garden!  We like you to feel like you are eating at your grandma's house!

We have had visitors from 106 foreign countries and every state in the United States many, many times.  We have served over a million satisfied customers and the only thing we're missing is YOU!

Come on down and enjoy an evening of fun and eat all you can eat at The Hillbilly Hide-A-Way and meet my husband, Sam, singing his heart out on stage for you.

We look forward to seeing you!


Louise Bray













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